An organization composed of past and selected present AGARD AMP Panel members who have come together to:

RAGARD formally commenced on 10 October 1996, in the house of the Schroeder family, Lemchesvej 20, Copenhagen, Denmark.


The original members were: Roger Landry and Paula Shea, Erich Roedig and Annelis Schley, Torben Staehr Johansen and Marianne Søeby, Bas Voorsluijs and Trudy Vos, Erik Schroeder and Anne Hagensen. The present members are:

  1. Roger Landry and Paula Shea
  2. Erich Roedig and Annelis Schley
  3. Torben Staehr Johansen and Anita Atke
  4. Bas Voorsluijs and Trudy Vos
  5. Anne Hagensen


RAGARD meets every 18 months (as a minimum) in the country of one of the members (host) or in an agreed upon non-member nation. Meetings will consist of a business meeting, briefings from each member on topics of interest to all members, a technical tour and generous amounts of recreational time to allow complete familiarization with the meeting area and to achieve the goals of RAGARD.


Meeting site selection will be agreed upon by all members. The host member will be from the meeting site nation or otherwise assigned by the organization. Meeting sites will rotate according to an agreed upon schedule.


All expenses for meetings will be the responsibility of each member. Annual dues are USD 100,- per couple to cover costs of administration and additional costs of arranging and supporting meetings.


Applicants should send an email with credentials to Bas Voorsluijs, Secretary.
New members must be unanimously chosen by members.

You may find interesting information on Congresses here.

If you have comments or suggestions, send email to: Bas Voorsluijs.

Last update: 9 January 2009